Smart Packaging Design Takes Logistics to New Level

Split image with silver car and automotive packaging

In the logistics world, smart shipping makes all the difference for many companies. No one wants to waste money or time with poor packaging solutions and the damaged products that often come with them. That’s where custom shipping boxes come in. It doesn’t take long for the advantages of custom packaging design to reap benefits […]

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10 Do’s and Don’ts of Packaging Your Product

opening packaging

A product’s packaging can be the first impression that a customer receives. When it comes to marketing, it is of key importance that your product functions well. Don’t get caught making these common mistakes. By being informed you can be more prepared to present a professional, effective product and save yourself from wasting time and […]

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What Is A Gaylord Box?

Large Pallet Box

What Is a Gaylord Box? If you need a container for moving or storing large quantities of cargo, you should consider a Gaylord box. The most common type of Gaylord shipping boxes are pallet containers. These feature walls with anywhere from two to as many as six layers of corrugated fiberboard. The thickness of the […]

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Guide to Shipping Perishables

shipping perishables

 Ship Perishables With Confidence Commercial retailers find that shipping perishables to customers is extremely challenging, due to the increased logistics involved. Many retailers are considering shipping perishables because the online ordering of goods, including perishables, is continuing to rise in popularity. Fueled by the success of Amazon delivery and companies like BlueApron, customers expect that their […]

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How to Pack Items Correctly For Shipping

How to Pack Items Correctly For Shipping PackSpec is a packaging company in Michigan. At Packaging Specialties, we not only want to take care of your custom packaging needs, we also want to teach you the right way to use our packaging materials to take optimum care of your items so they arrive undamaged and […]

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