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We service printing and packaging professionals across diverse markets. At PackSpec, we are completely dedicated to providing the highest-quality custom packaging boxes to meet our customers’ needs—no matter what industry they’re in. We have come to understand that various industries often need specialized packaging. Our services can enhance the perceived value of your product by adding a variety of looks, finishes and textures to your packaging.

PackSpec offers an extensive range of custom options. Our design team is constantly working with our clients to create strong, innovative packaging that will enhance the value of your product while also keeping it safe during shipping. For industries that have delicate parts, we are able to design your product packaging to include dividers that ensure the complete safety of your products, and allow your customers easily handling. Contact us to learn more about our packaging solutions for your industry. We have the solutions your business needs. Learn more about what we can do for you.


You have high-performance products, we have the packaging to suit your needs. PackSpec will evaluate your needs to determine the best packaging material for your application. With a full design team at your disposal and our intricate logistics specialties, we can customize not only your packaging, but your delivery and inventory schedules too. The automotive industry is fast paced, and we have the tools to keep up with the speed. We can also help drive cost benefits in your supply chain with our on-site supply points. Our company understands that automobile products come in all shapes and sizes and you need packaging that reflects the nature of the product packaged within it. Let our innovative strategies benefit your company.

  • Durable packaging for fragile parts.
  • Endless customization options.
  • Save money on delivery and storage fees.

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We’re an industry-leader in the field of packaging systems for the tooling market. From the smallest pieces to bigger precision parts, we handle a number of different items for our customers. No matter the weight or the size of your product, whether it be single or multiple packaging, set packaging or bulk—there is no tool that cannot be properly packaged, thoroughly protected and well presented by our company. Need multiple packaging with an individual compartment layout? We can do it. We even have the foam and protective packaging to ensure that your products are properly handled. Let our design team meet with you to evaluate your specific product needs and we can determine what your company’s best options are. It’s our job to make yours run smoothly.

  • Streamlined process management.
  • Handle all kinds of products.
  • Stable packaging for manufacturers.

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Food & Beverage

Modern food and beverage production methods have given consumers these days a number of choices. At PackSpec, we know that this means that our customers’ products need powerful packaging that speaks clearly to shoppers and showcases their unique brands. Choosing which items we wish to consume is a personal choice. We know that it’s not just about how these products look, it’s also about benefitting your customers. Our customers deserve high-quality packaging options, and yours customers’ deserve high-quality products. We help the food and beverage industries stay ahead of their competition with market-leading packing solutions, and safe and reliable packaging to ensure your products are well protected.

  • Cost-effective packaging.
  • Efficient servicing to meet your inventory needs.
  • Logistics to cover your whole supply chain.

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Marketing is your biggest way of reaching your clients. Regardless of your industry, we can design and develop the perfect solutions that serve to increase your sales. Increasing your brand awareness and improving your overall messaging with our custom services for the printing industry. Our virtually unlimited customization options include: custom color schemes, embossing options, professional in-house artwork design, assorted paper weights, corporate branding options and much more. We work with all of our clients to incorporatereative styles that suit the needs of their business and products. PackSpec will help you create unique, eye-catching and attractive marketing that helps you connect with your customer base.

  • Gaining you business through our solutions.
  • Laminated labeling and 4-color direct printing.
  • Avoid downtime with fast delivery.

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We offer complete protection for the CNC, EDM, drilling and grinding industries. Our packaging solutions are ideal for your heavyweight items, especially when it comes to protecting your expensive and intricate equipment. Sharp edges? We got it covered! Our solutions offer guaranteed secure tool support. Customer satisfaction is our number one concern. We know how imperative these parts are to your company’s success. Because of this, we handle all precision products with absolute care. Let us help you create the perfect package for your valued items. Don’t worry about storing all of these parts. We can hang on to them for you and deliver them safely. Completely on time and when you need them most.

  • Fast turnaround servicing.
  • Extra protection for valuable parts.
  • Reduced working capital.

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Consumer Products

Invest in solid retail packaging that will catch your consumer’s eye. From top-shelf worthy and bold design, to high-quality manufacturing services, our team can help you stand out from the competition and get you a higher customer following. We have the insight to what creates a successful brand presence and how to market these toward the average consumer. Your products should not only make an impact on the people you’re trying to target—but the industry as a whole. Our design team can offer you a number of different retail packages and displays to choose from. We want to help you bring your vision to life. Sit down with us and let’s fulfill your brand’s future.

  • Branding that creates an impression.
  • Turn your packages into marketing campaigns.
  • Quick, easy replenishment.

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