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Corrugated Box for DeWitts Aluminum Radiators & Surge Tanks

Corrugated Packaging

We handle all different types of grades and flute thicknesses when it comes to corrugated packaging. We offer a wide range of custom designed packaging systems for our customers. Our corrugated containers are durable, versatile and made of lightweight material for customizable shipping.

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die cutting packaging left open

Die Cut Boxes

We manufacture die cut boxes and interior packaging. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery to die cut corrugated, fiberboard, plastic corrugated and foam. We create the exact custom packaging design that you require—controlling costs and promoting a positive image for your company.
Custom package designed to hold specific parts

Interior Packaging

We can complete your custom packaging design by creating an interior that fits your products securely in the container, protecting them during shipment. We use a variety of materials to create systems that are for your assembly line-side ease of use. We can even manufacture just the inner packaging that matches your existing system.
cardboard partitions

Corrugated Partitions

Separate individual products within one packaging system. These come in 100’s of designs and sizes. We manufacture assembled corrugated and chipboard partitions in standard, as well as custom, die-cut designs. We also specialize in assemblies that require specialty gluing capabilities.

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foam bottom within a white box

Foam Products, Die-Cut Foam Packaging

For the protection of your most sensitive products during the shipment process, we specify various types of specialty foams for interior packaging cushioning and abrasion control in custom packaging systems. Find out more about our foam cushioning and Styrofoam die cutting options.
  • Poly Bags
  • Poly Sheeting
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Shrink Film
  • Stretch Film
  • Corner Guards
Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated Plastic Partitions

Corrugated plastic packaging is an economical construction of returnable and reusable packaging. The corrugated sheet can be modified for such specialty needs as UV protection, anti-static control, flame retardancy and custom colors. It is available in many strengths, and is waterproof and resistant to stains.
Automotive Parts Packaged


Our kit options are perfect for shipping multiple items of different sizes all within one convenient box. The automotive industry benefits greatly from this service, as do a number of others. Our kits come in a variety of different product types and are customizable to better suit your needs. Let us help design you the perfect package.  
“PackSpec has proven to deliver solutions for our packaging needs. Through their internal resources and network of suppliers, they can leverage the expertise to generate, prototype, and test design options within target price points. Their dedication to customer satisfaction shows up in their responsiveness, flexibility, and follow up throughout the process. They are a valuable extension of our packaging design team.” – Inalfa Roof Systems
cardboard padding

Packaging Materials

We provide packaging materials for shock surface abrasion and containment. We use a variety of materials for a number of different uses such as parts with surface sensitivity, products that need thermal protection, parts with surface scuff sensitivity and polyethylene bags for die cut bags/sheets.

Materials we use:
  • Poly Bags
  • Poly Sheeting
  • Bubblewrap
  • Shrink/Stretch Film
  • Cornerguards
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large cardboard retail display

Retail Displays

From retail displays to point of purchase packaging. We offer top quality manufacturing for stand-up and counter displays, and custom packaging, as well as laminated labeling and 4-color direct printing. Die cutting and specialty gluing technologies come together to produce displays for you creatively and benefit you economically!

white card box

Specialty Gluing

We offer state of the art machinery that can create auto lock bottom boxes, 4- and 6-corner pre-glued trays, displays and folding cartons that require special techniques for your custom packaging solutions. We can eliminate the need for taping and gluing, reducing your overall packaging costs and simplifying your operations.
Pallet Boxes

Gaylord Boxes, Corrugated Pallet Boxes

These gaylord boxes are great for shipping and storing large, bulk items. The large inside dimensions are also ideal for condensing smaller shipments or products. We can ship flat or fully assembled with a pallet. The sturdy walls can protect any type of material and is easily stackable. We suggest pallet boxes/Gaylord boxes to anyone looking to save crucial space.

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